CURRENT Natural flavor solutions





In many food applications, acidity is either integral to the product or added to prevent bacterial growth giving undesired

NTC solution : acid blocker 4

Tried and tested in: vinegar based applications, Salad dressings, Mayonnaise, Ketchups & Sauces, Vegetables (pickled & canned)





Western cultures consume on average 2x their recommended daily salt intake increasing the risk of CDV

NTC solution :  Salt Enhancer 1

Tried and tested in: Soups and sauces, Marinades, Salad dressings,KCl containing products, Meat, Ready meals, Seasoning blends, Salt substitute





Animal fat is widely used in food products for both taste and functionality and apart form being unhealth

is subject to price fluctuations and rancidity

NTC solution : vegetarian meat fat replacer 3 

Tried and tested in: Soups and sauces, Bouillon, Gravies, Processed meat, French fry coating, Margarine




Soy and whey protein are widely recognised for their health benefits but are often accompanied by a bitter or astringent
aftertaste unacceptable to many consumers.
NTC solution : soy bean blocker and  protein advantage 1

Tried and tested in: Acidified and non acidified beverages rich in protein




Many edible products including cocoa, dark chocolate, coffee and artificial sweeteners have an inherent bitterness unacceptable to consumer.
NTC solution : polyphenol bitterness blocker  
Tried and tested in: Chocolate rich in cocoa and instant coffee




Despite being a natural, zero calorie stable alternative to artificial sweeteners, Stevia extracts have an undesired liquorice taste.
NTC solution : stevia improver 

Tried and tested in: Dairy products, Acidfied and non acidified beverages




Garlic & Onion Replacement



Garlic and onion powders are used in variety of savory applications. Unfortunately, significant price fluctuation due to its natural availability as well as microbiological issues could be potential obstacles for food manufacturers.

NTC solution: Natural Onion and & Garlic replacer (from alternative plant sources)

Tried and tested in: various savory application e.g. soups, sauces, ketchup, dressings


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