Meeting today’s taste challenges

Understanding TASTE RECEPTORS and TASTE PERCEPTION is the key of our business and the starting point forall our product development

There are 5 established tastes namely bitter, sweet, umami, sour and salty

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Furthermore, foods reduced in fat, tend to be much less appreciated but although fat binding receptors have been identified, the mechanism of fat reception remains elusive

Whether it be acid masking in salad dressings or fruit juices to salt enhancement in savory foods, we can advise on the best solution available.


It is based on three platforms, all of which are supported by  a NATURAL product offering:

  1. Sustainability: Extending existing raw materials to meet the demand from an ever-increasing number of middle class consumers
  2. Health: To reduce the undesired food ingredients such as salt, fat and sugar without compromising on taste. Likewise, we offer solutions to reduce the off-tastes of known health ingredients
  3. Pleasure:  improving the consumer preference of existing products through improving the taste

All our products are designed to maintain or improve CONSUMER PREFERENCE